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How Scotch Tape & Pumpkins Built a Winery in The Berkshires

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

By the time Wayne and Mary Jane Eline opened Les Trois Emme Winery in 2003, the couple had been cultivating a small vineyard and producing high quality wine for several years. The Elines saw the creation of a winery as an extension of their passion and a comfortable way to ease into retirement.  Well, they got the first part right… Le Trois Emme is now one of the most popular wineries in Massachusetts, and the Elines are busier than ever.

Over the years, Les Trois Emme had become recognized and lauded for many of its wines – particularly their reds. However, the introduction of  Stingy Jack Pumpkin Wine became a lightning rod for the growth and popularity of the winery. In just a few short years, the winery went from producing a few hundred cases of wine to nearly 4000, and it was Stingy Jack that led the way.

In this segment, learn more about Stingy Jack Pumpkin and a few of the other wines Les Trois Emme produces, how Scotch tape played an important role in the naming of the winery, and see why rapid growth means bottles and red wine barrels have to compete for ceiling space…

Les Trois Emme Winery is located at 8 Knight Road, New Marlborough, Mass. in the Berkshires. The winery is open on most weekends from April through December from between 12 and 5 PM.

Editor’s note: This video segment is the seventh in a series profiling the Massachusetts Farm Winery & Growers Association and each of its member wineries.